What Woman Inspires You?

Celebrating Women of Achievement Month

We have so much to celebrate together. Women are strong characters. When we hear the stories of amazing women who have had an impact on the direction the world has taken and the many legacies they have left behind, we can only gain much inspiration.  This can help with goal setting and fuel the desire to achieve as they did. Their stories are uplifting.


So, who would you chose as a female that inspires you?  We use that word a lot – ‘inspiration’.  It always captures what we intend to get across so perfectly. We would like to inspire women of all ages from all over the world. No matter what you do in your life, inspiration is what helps us to get the best out of what we want to achieve. Most importantly, we don’t have to be ‘high flying’ achievers!  Motherhood, family life, school, career, travel – when we are inspired we are able to apply ourselves with gusto and determination in whatever we do.  So, this month, think about a woman who inspires you and why. What have you learned from this woman? How has she influenced the direction you want to take in your own life?


We did not have to dig too deep to decide on the amazing individual that we wanted to bring to your attention.

Showing great courage, resilience and love, we want to celebrate Women Of Achievement month by introducing you to the heart warming and heroic story of Sojourner Truth.

Sojourner truth-portrait

From the despair of slavery and all its degradation and sadness, Sojourner proved how resilient women can be. A truly inspiring journey. SOJOURNER TRUTH epitomizes what passionate women are all about. She did not possess great beauty, nor did she have the opportunities to study and live like many other women of her time. In a time of severe gender inequality and black slavery, she exemplified courage and determination.  Self-named, Sojourner was an African-American abolitionist and women’s right activist.  Her story is one of great hardship and perseverance, proving her ability to overcome any barriers. She is a truly remarkable and amazing woman!

How did she survive? What happened to her children? Research her life, follow in her footsteps and understand what great character and resolve she needed to possess in order to do what she did.

Sojourner Truth Book

Our historical greats and their achievements are a solid foundation of proof for teachers, parents and students, that determination, hard work and commitment pay off. This provides an effective way of reinforcing work ethics and an appreciation of how others have, not only changed our world, but truly encouraged and inspired our generation.

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We put amazing stories into the hands of students. Amazing People like Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Mahatma Gandhi, demonstrated integrity, passion, courage, tenacity and vision. These are just some of the characteristics that inspire students to achieve amazing things.

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