U.S. Icons Of The Past Come To Life In Compelling New Interview-Style Book Of “Conversations”.

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Amazing Americans:  U.S. Icons of the Past Come to Life in Compelling New Interview-Style Book of “Conversations”.

A collection of innovative, personal stories by educational psychologist Dr. Charles Margerison. ‘Amazing Americans’ enables readers to meet some of the United States’ most inspirational and iconic characters, to hear them tell their stories as they’ve never been told before. From Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Edison; over twenty amazing Americans come back to life in a book critics are calling “surprising and inspirational”.

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London, United Kingdom – Amazing People Worldwide has a unique mandate; to bring people closer to understanding those throughout history who shaped their world. Deploying their world’s-first BioViews® biographical interview format, they have created a new paradigm of history and enable readers to get up close and personal to major achievers.

Amazing Americans fits the mood of modern America – giving readers an opportunity to intimately learn about the men and women who shaped what can only be described as one of the world’s most fascinating nations.


Would you like to have met Abraham Lincoln and had a discussion about his life and career? Can you imagine what George Washington would have said if he was interviewed about his achievements? Would you like to explore how Amelia Earhart, the famous aviation pioneer, broke many speed and travel records and so inspired people around the world? Gain unique insights into the lives of some of the amazing americans who shaped the United States. The life stories of characters including Thomas Edison, Madam Walker, Anne Burras, Percy Julian, Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Tubman are explored in this patriotic collection of short biographical stories, all told in the first person by educational psychologist Dr Charles Margerison.

This book comes at a pivotal time in the development of the United States’, explains the author. ‘These life stories show how the nation has overcome major challenges, and provide an important reminder as to what the American Dream is really all about.

Continuing, “The bottom line is that the founding principles hold the key to the future. These stories need to be preserved to shape generations yet to come and, using what could be literature’s most unique biographical interview format, it certainly makes for fascinating reading.”

Early reviews have been positive. For example, Rosie comments, “Amazing Americans is a good place to start for anyone interested in American history. There are people included that I had not heard of such as Anne Burras, one of America’s founding Colonial women – her story was surprising & inspirational. I enjoyed each of the 20 odd people included in the book,.”

Nick Haynes adds, “Another enjoyable book from the Amazing People series – I liked the fact that each individual’s story came from a different period of history, almost like a time line from the beginnings with American settlers to modern times. There are people from many different backgrounds included, each with a real story to tell. I think this book would appeal to anyone interested in America and its founders.”

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About Amazing People Worldwide:

Albert Einstein said that we should “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Amazing People Worldwide holds the key to understanding how and why the world’s most influential and effective individuals did what they did. It is home to a unique digital story library about amazing and inspirational people who shaped our world including Walt Disney, Aristotle, Marie Curie, Galileo, Queen Victoria, Confucius, Helen Keller and Elvis Presley.

“We can all learn how to improve our own performance from the achievements of amazing people”, Dr Charles Margerison.

These biographical interviews, known as BioViews®, are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced amazing people. They have been developed and created by educational psychologist and business leader Dr Charles Margerison, who is supported by his dedicated editorial team. Each BioView® is meticulously researched and based on historical facts.

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