Classroom Quiz – What are these people famous for?

Amazing People Worldwide’s digital online library is home to the world’s largest collection of inspirational stories and biographies about amazing people, from Walt Disney, to Marie Curie, and Shakespeare to Helen Keller. These biographical interviews are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced these amazing individuals.

Below we have selected 11 amazing individuals whose ideas, inventions and products they produced, changed the way we lived.

Take this list of names and create a class project where students try to identify what they are known for. Not all of those listed will be instantly recognised by your students. Let’s see how they go identifying them and what they are famous for! 

For those they don’t know, they can research and write one page about their life and achievements.

  • Christopher Sholes
  • Charles Babbage
  • Beulah Henry
  • John Logie Baird
  • Isambard Brunel
  • Gordon Gould
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • James Harrison
  • Thomas Newcomen
  • William Shockley

Hints – 



This class activity will allow students to delve into the great minds of these forward thinking people. When problems crop up, we need solutions. When something needs to be improved, or made more efficient, we need innovative ideas and positive action. 

Your students can learn a lot from some of the world’s most celebrated and diverse individuals whose inspirational life stories we remember in our digital library.

What is a BioView®?

  • A BioView® is a short biographical story, similar to an interview, about an amazing person
  • These stories offer an inspirational way of learning about people who made major contributions to our world
  • The unique format and flow enables each person’s story to come alive, as if it is being personally told to you, and reflects their interests, emotions and passions

You will find their amazing BioView stories, along with a list of the worl’ds most incredible achievers in our on-line digital library!

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