PENICILLIN – How It Changed The Face Of Medicine!

What was one of THE MOST important MEDICAL DISCOVERIES in history in September 1928?

PENICILLIN – The most powerful of all antibiotics.

It has changed the face of medicine in a profound way.

fleming Penicillin_core.svg[1]

Do you know who Alexander Fleming is? On 15th September 1928, he discovered Penicillin. It happened due to a lack of orderliness in his lab.  The most powerful of all antibiotics, it has changed the face of medicine in a profound way.  His initial work and publications on this started what was to become the development of one of the most important  scientific and medical discoveries in history.


Where would we be without it today?

Why not undertake some investigations of your own and learn more about this amazing person?  Using the following as a guide, ask yourself HOW he did it? WHY he did it? WHO contributed to the discovery? WHAT impact this has had on our world?

  • Research how he made this discovery.
  • How did Penicillin work and how did it change our world?
  • When did Fleming receive his Nobel Prize?
  • Who contributed to the discovery of Penicillin?
  • What were his personal strengths that helped him in his work?
  • Which skillsets did he develop and master in order to do what he did?

fleming Nobel from King Gustaf V of Sweden 1945

Alexander Fleming receiving the Nobel Prize

Our historical greats and their achievements are a solid foundation of proof for teachers, parents and students, that determination, hard work and commitment pay off. This provides an effective way of reinforcing work ethics and an appreciation of how others have, not only changed our world, but truly encouraged and inspired our generation.

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