Tell your brand story through Amazing People.

Let Amazing People tell your brand story in a unique and engaging way. We work with a number of global clients to deliver bespoke marketing campaigns and products based around amazing people stories and digital content.

Our world is a busy one, and it’s often hard to cut through all the noise. Personal stories are always the most engaging. Amazing People Worldwide’s Brand Licensing Program offers brands and companies a compelling way to add value and engage customers through relevant, engaging, person-centric content.

We have partnered with HarperCollins on a range of licensed content which has been the platform for a 20-book series and range of digital learning resources for English Language Training (ELT). This series is selling successfully, inspiring students to learn English around the world

Marriott are delivering an amazing service to guests through geographically-relevant amazing people stories, delivered to any mobile device at the hotel through QR codes. From concepts such as our Masters of Time campaign for luxury watch brands, to unique in-flight entertainment, contact our team to learn more about our range of unique licensing opportunities.