Amazing People Library

How did Abraham Lincoln, Michelangelo, Coco Chanel, Harriet Tubman, Mahatma Gandhi, Marie Curie, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein achieve so much despite the challenges in their lives?

This digital eBook and audio story collection for schools and libraries includes these and hundreds of other inspirational life stories about the world’s most amazing people.

The biographical interviews, known as BioViews®, are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced amazing people. The stories have been developed and created by educational psychologist and business guru, Dr Charles Margerison. Each one is meticulously researched and based on historic facts. Over the last fifteen years, we have researched the lives of amazing people, to create this unique story collection.

Developed to inspire, motivate and enable, discover a new way to inspire your patrons with Amazing People Library – an online reference resource designed to make libraries even more amazing.

Amazing People Library offers:

  • hundreds of life stories of influential figures, all housed in an entirely unique online reference resource.
  • an important engagement tool for reluctant readers, including the support of built-in audio narration for every story.
  • new stories that are uploaded throughout the year at no extra cost, adding to this ever-evolving collection.
  • features that include advanced browse, search and annotation capabilities, as well as sharing functionality across social media.
  • highly affordable pricing which makes this a compelling purchase for any library.
  • flexibility and usability which supports ready-to-go library programs and reference work. Also included is a Library and School Toolkit, offering engaging activities and library program ideas.

Recommended quality library resources, that are tried and tested.

“Short and concise… easy reading and hard-working.”

Karen Sullivan, SecEd.

“An invaluable stimulus to create dialogue and debate”
Dave Jones, Pearson Headteacher of the North

“Thorough, informative and fascinating… all in a neat package.”

Cindy Taylor, All Books Review

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