How Managers Use CPS


How Managers Use CPS

By Dr Charles Margerison©

Psychologist, Amazing People Worldwide.

Henry Ford is renowned for changing the speed and quantity of car production, by introducing an assembly-line work simplification process. Steve Jobs is recognised for his development of computers that make the understanding and organization of business and personal information easier.

Five Key Skills

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They did so, in cooperation with others, through communication and problem solving. Like all managers, they worked with teams to achieve a more effective way of working. But, what are the key skills involved that all managers and team leaders can use?

Following research on the work of over 500 amazing achievers, I have identified five key skills that all mangers and team leaders need in order to be successful. These cover the areas of communication and problem solving and are therefore called the Five Key CPS skills, and can be seen in the following model.

The CPS Diamond Model is now used widely by managers and team leaders to guide their work with individuals and groups. It provides a common language and process for all involved, in moving from problems to solutions via discussions and decisions.

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The five skills that all managers and team leaders can develop are – 

 Enquiry skills focus on the ability to establish important questions and to find relevant information.
• Diagnostic skills refer to the ability to interpret information to identify causes and consequences.
• Summarizing skills are very important in meetings to ensure people have a sound understanding of the issues.
• Proposing skill help move discussions forward in order to test options and work toward solutions.
• Coordinating skills are vital to ensure action is taken and followed through to gain effective solutions.

Some people are good at Enquiry but not as strong on Coordinating solutions. Another person may be good at coming up with Proposals on ideas, but may need to improve in the Diagnosis of problem areas.


Communication and Problem Solving (CPS) has been used in oil refineries by engineers, by airline pilots, by doctors and nurses and by accountants and other professionals. Some of the applications are –

• Conducting a meeting – a team leader improved the use of time by training his team in the five skills and getting them to use the points in their weekly meeting.
• Emergencies – airline pilots were trained in the five skills to ensure a systematic problem solving approach when problems occurred during flights.
• Client management – accountants use the CPS five skills when conducting problem solving meetings with clients.

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