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Over the past years, founder of Amazing People Worldwide, Dr Charles Margerison has been on a voyage of discovery to find amazing people. Amazing people that changed the world! His journeys have taken him to many places where they were born or lived and here are some of the places he visited that resulted in him writing unique BioView stories about their lives and achievements.

• Stratford on Avon – England – William Shakespeare
• Dunfermline – Scotland – Andrew Carnegie
• Krakow – Poland – Helena Rubinstein
• Charlottesville – USA – Thomas Jefferson
• Zurich – Switzerland – Albert Einstein
• Paris – France – Louis Pasteur
• Bonn – Germany – Ludwig van Beethoven
• Salzburg – Austria – Wolfgang Mozart
• London – England – Dr Elizabeth Blackwell

In his search for amazing people, Dr Margerison learned a lot about their contributions and great success that altered our everyday life. Contributions that we all too often take for granted.

Here are some examples of what they achieved:-

  • MUSICIANS – Music that raises ones spirits. The life story of Wolfgang Mozart was short as he died at the age of 35. However, he composed music that has influenced all of our lives in a way that he could not have imagined.
  • SCIENTISTS – Pills and potions to cure our illnesses. Modern medicine depends on new advances in science to produce solutions to health problems. We are all familiar with over the counter drugs such as aspirin, but do you know who developed insulin? It was Frederick Banting whose work in the field of diabetes has been immensely influential and crucial to our understanding of the illness today.
  • ENGINEERING – Excellent engineering for travel on trains and planes. Our world has been transformed by amazing people who have discovered the secret of converting energy to power trains and planes. Two of the great names are George Stephenson for the first steam train and Frank Whittle for the jet engine.
  • ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN –  Architecture and buildings of quality. From the earliest times, people who have constructed buildings, and the Romans who built cities, showed what could be done. Today we inherit the amazing work of people like Christopher Wren and Gustav Eiffel. For years, people waited for the wind to move boats and ships. Once steam power came along so did great designers. One of the most outstanding was Isambard Brunel.
  • COMMUNICATION – Magic machines for communicating by phone. Today, we may take the phone for granted but it was an amazing discovery and two people led the way. Antonio Meucci was a brilliant Italian engineer and inventor and Alexander Graham Bell was an outstanding inventor and entrepreneur. They both played a major part in the development of the phone.
  • MATHEMATICIANS – Top technology for computer systems. It was in the 1840’s that computers first started thanks to Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. Their idea has become an amazing reality. Imagine our world today without computers?
  • LEADERS – Political stability for employment and standard of life. Politicians are often maligned but it never deters people who wish to build a better society. Globally, the names of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte are revered as amazing people and the same is true of people in other countries.
  • DOCTORS & NURSES – Life saving surgery. Dr Christiaan Barnard saw his brother die when he was only four years of age. It had a major effect and he resolved to train as a surgeon and became renowned as the first doctor to conduct heart replacement surgery.
  • ENTREPRENEURS – Entrepreneurial effort to provide new businesses. Our standard of life depends on development of businesses. Some people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, William Boeing and others created many jobs and a fortune in the process.

These inspirational titles hold the life stories of the most incredible individuals that changed he world!



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