Explore the South Pacific with Captain James Cook

In April 1770, Captain James Cook became the first European to make contact with the Eastern coastline of Australia. Students can gain a new insight into what his ‘everyday’ life looked like, as they discover new worlds with this adventurous explorer.

Cook started out as an apprentice shopkeeper aged 17, but the call of the sea was not far away.

Students can journey with Captain James Cook from his birthplace in Yorkshire, to the frontiers of his explorations, to the vast Pacific Ocean and beyond. His skill as an explorer and his articulate mapping skills whilst exploring the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia, contributed to world geography. Captain James Cook charted over 8047 km of coast with amazing accuracy….without a chronometer!

Captain James Cook possessed self-confidence, strength and determination. He was also a great leader of his crew, who loyally followed him discovering new lands. His coastal charting set high standards and many of his discoveries helped to create a second British empire. His story is an amazing journey that will inspire students.

(Friendship: Jon Platek)

Captain James Cook and his amazing First Voyage

  1. James began an apprenticeship with a shopkeeper. What line of goods were sold?
  2. When was his first sea voyage and what was the names of the ship?
  3. How old was James when he was promoted to mate on the Friendship?
  4. How many times during his second voyage, did Captain Cook cross the Antarctic Circle?
  5. Write a short article on what you think made Captain James Cook such an accomplished explorer.

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