Business Interests Indicator

Business Interests Indicator By Dr Charles MargerisonPsychologist Introduction People who succeeded in business did so because they developed strengths in particular areas. This resource gives you the opportunity to assess your own interests, by looking at the strengths of people who developed successful businesses. For the purpose of discussion, I have presented virtual interview quotations… Continue reading Business Interests Indicator

Developing and Exploiting Opportunities

Developing and Exploiting Opportunities Richard Branson has done it. So, has Donald Trump. Before them, Walt Disney did it. Elizabeth Arden and Amelia Earhart in their different ways also did it. They had one thing in common in that they all took their opportunities. What can we learn to improve our own chances of success?… Continue reading Developing and Exploiting Opportunities

Talking about Conversology!

Talking about Conversology! By Dr Charles Margerison What Is Conversology? A word that ends with the term ‘ology’ refers to an area of study. The study of psychology, biology, anthropology and other major areas have led to vital advances in knowledge and quality of life. The study of immunology has helped save millions of lives.… Continue reading Talking about Conversology!

Do Amazing People Take After Their Parents

Do Amazing People Take After Their Parents by Dr Charles Margerison The Parents of Amazing People … What Influence Do They Have? If you were to name a person who you regard as amazing in terms of their achievements who would you choose? There are many people to choose from in science, music, engineering, literature,… Continue reading Do Amazing People Take After Their Parents

Amazing Achievers – how can you learn to succeed from them

Amazing Achievers How can you learn to succeed from them HOW DID THEY DO IT? WHAT TRAITS DID THEY POSSESS TO ENABLE SUCCESS? When reading the life stories of people who achieved a great deal in their lives, it is tempting to ask, ‘How did they do it?’ After all, they only had 24 hours… Continue reading Amazing Achievers – how can you learn to succeed from them


HOW MILLIONAIRES MADE MONEY by Dr Charles MargerisonPsychologist – Amazing People Worldwide Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Andrew Carnegie, Cesar Ritz, Elizabeth Arden, Mayer Rothschild are all examples of people who started from humble circumstances and became multi-millionaires. How did they do it? What can we learn from their lives? How did they succeed? We can learn… Continue reading HOW MILLIONAIRES MADE MONEY

The Language of Can Do Spirit

The Language of Can Do Spirit By Dr Charles Margerison Psychologist Introduction Every school focuses on language in various forms. In addition to the national or local language of the street, schools teach the language of science, mathematics, computing, character, wellbeing, health, safety and security, as well as other issues. However, few schools focus on… Continue reading The Language of Can Do Spirit

What is Explore Imagineland?

What is Explore Imagineland? For kids predominantly aged 2 – 6 years, Explore Imagineland is an interactive web-based educational resource designed to inspire creativity, grow imaginations, and develop a lifelong love of music. Imagineland was written by Dr Charles Margerison, who decided to give life to a series of published stories that he had initially… Continue reading What is Explore Imagineland?

Can Do Spirit

Our organization provides resources to help students and adults make the best of their lives. It all starts with what we call the ‘can do spirit.’ This is a language that can be learned. Amazing people have used it in science, music, exploration, engineering, business, art, medicine and many other important areas. “One can have… Continue reading Can Do Spirit

The ‘Can Do Spirit’ Self-Development Resource

The ‘Can Do Spirit’ Self-Development Resource By Dr Charles Margerison.Psychologist. Personal Development This questionnaire will give you feedback, as a basis for discussing your self-development plans. Research on the lives of amazing achievers shows they had a ‘can do spirit.’ That means they adopted positive ways of ‘thinking and doing’, in areas of their life… Continue reading The ‘Can Do Spirit’ Self-Development Resource