Bambi – A Disney Masterpiece!

Bambi World Premieré – London UK – 8 August 1942!!

We all love BAMBI – with a script of no more than 900 words, it captivated the world at it’s world premiere in London. This success was replicated in the following launches in the USA and around the world. This dear little deer has become one of the most precious and loved Disney characters ever.

Walt Disney has touched the minds and imaginations of children and adults around the world. His wonderful imagination and artistry is etched into our minds forever.  Did you know that he started his artistic life in Marceline, Missouri, USA, selling sketches to his neighbours at the age of seven?

Students – here are some ideas for a fun lesson – how about doing some research on Walt Disney!!

  • Who was Walt Disney?
  • How did he begin his career?
  • What was his first success?
  • When did he realize his potential?
  • Can you identify in yourself, a passion?
  • Describe a ‘dream’ you have and write how it could be possible. Let your imagination go! Don’t allow stumbling blocks to get in the way of this activity. Imagine there are no limitations as to how you can achieve this dream.

Overcoming Adversity

Neither Walt Disney nor his family knew that he would grow up to be one of the most iconic figures in entertainment history. His journey had many twists and turns, which surprisingly included bankruptcy and commercial failure.  He did not let that stop him from achieving the greatest successes.  Be inspired by the creator of ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Bambi’ and friends, and don’t be afraid to live your own dream.  Hard work, perseverance and positivity are all things that will help you along the way.

These historical greats and their achievements are a solid foundation of proof for teachers, parents and students, that determination, hard work and commitment pay off. This provides an effective way of reinforcing work ethics and an appreciation of how others have, not only changed our world, but truly encouraged and inspired our generation.

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