News Letter – April 2015

Amazing People Newsletter – April 2015

Hello Amazing People,

This month we are focusing on Creativity, Determination and Courage. These are attributes that Amazing People clearly possessed, so we need to ask..….would we be experiencing today’s modern world without them? The discoveries of new lands, medical developments, memorable events and technology, have created an amazing world for us to live in. 


Creativity – One of the most enticing and exhilarating sporting events for future years, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens on April 6 1896. Pierre de Coubertin made certain that his idea of reviving the Olympic Games was going to happen!  It took many years to achieve but thanks to his creativity and determination, elite athletes and sporting fans are able to enjoy the excitement and challenges of the Olympic Games


Determination – Other feats displaying that same determination include the stories of our brave explorers. It was in April 1770 that Captain James Cook and his crew reached the south-east coast of Australia, becoming the first Europeans to reach this coastline.


Courage – What could be more courageous than exploring space? Through fantastic BioView® stories, you can virtually ‘meet’ Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin! As the world celebrates International Day of Human Space Flight on April 12, we recall his first flight into space in 1961, again displaying determination and great courage.
When reading these stories, the sheer ‘will’ and courage of others, who embarked on various journeys in an effort to make their dreams come true, is intriguing and admirable. If ever we need inspiration, we only have to look to these remarkable  individuals and BioView® stories hold the ‘key!’


Early Health Professionals – making life better!  – Likewise, Creativity, Determination and Courage are inherent attributes possessed by the Scientists and Doctors that dedicated their lives to their work. Every day, millions of people use Listerine mouthwash, however few know that it was named after Dr Joseph Lister. Born in April 1827, he was a pioneer of antiseptic surgery and due to his innovatory work in the field of preventative medicine and the quality of medical care, improved death rates and life expectancy.


Also born in April 1899, Percy Julian was an American research Chemist and pioneer of chemical synthesis of medical drugs from plants. And who can forget the ground breaking work of Jonas Salk? His breakthrough in developing the polio vaccine was announced to the world on April 12, 1955 changing the lives of millions of people and future generations to come.


Reading has brought much joy to many over the years and April has some significant literature events that may spark enthusiasm to read more!

April is School Library Month and National Library Week commences 12th April in the USA. Sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA), these events celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and promotes library use and support.

Do you support your local library?  Why not tell your local librarian about our ‘Amazing People Story Library’?

Shakespeare Day is celebrated in the U.K. on April 23. William Shakespeare was a gifted writer born in April 1564 and his memory lives on as he is honoured on this very special day. When we look back over the years, we are amazed  at the talent of incredible writers that have left us with the    world’s greatest literary works, works that have been adapted into plays, movies and music.

Annual World Book Day is also held on April 23. It is organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing & copyright. How fitting that such an event shares Shakespeare’s Day!


Harper Collins ELT Readers – Amazing People Worldwide®, are proud to partner with Harper Collins, who have included our unique stories in their English Language Training readers.

We invite you to read the letter from the Series Editor to find out more about these unique ELT readers. Can this resource benefit you and encourage your children to read?

Books and Technology – With technology all around us and the choices we have, it is difficult to find an excuse for not reading!  It is very interesting when travelling on public transport to see how people are reading today using smart phones, eReaders and tablets. Downloading literature in some form is becoming more and more popular. In SCHOOLS and in businesses around the world, students and employees are offered  various training/learning tools that are used with a tablet or computer. On-line libraries are now playing an important role in how we research and learn.

We invite you to visit Amazing People Learning – our new online talent development portal,
where you will find very innovative and unique resources.
Based on a core Communication and Problem Solving (CPS) model, with applications linked to Psychology, Research, Strategy and Organization, this is a suite of professional development resources that support action learning in powerful ways. 
The results – individuals and organizations are equipped with the skills to function more powerfully and effectively.

Dates to remember in April
World Autism Day – April 2
Pocahontas married John Rolfe – April 5, 1614
Easter Sunday – April 5
World Health Day – April 7
Napoleon abdicated as Emperor of France – April 11, 1814
International Jazz Day – April 30
George Washington inaugurated as 1st President of the USA – April 30, 1789

Joseph Lister – April 15, 1827
Percy Julian – April 11, 1899
Thomas Jefferson – April 13, 1743
Antonio Meucci – April 13, 1808
Guglielmo Marconi – April 25, 1874
Ella Fitzgerald – April 25, 1917
William Shakespeare – April 26, 1564
Samuel Morse –  April 27, 1791

For those who like to celebrate Easter in some way, we hope you enjoy the break and have a happy day.


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Our Time Traveller – Meeting Amazing People

I feel privileged to have journeyed to many of the birth places of the incredible individuals that I have featured in our publications. The reward of learning about their amazing lives through their creativity, determination and courage is something I will always be inspired by. You can reach your goals by self development, when you focus on how to use ‘action learning’ as the basis for success. My article, BioView® stories, will explain how my BioViews® came about and will give you an insight into the lives of high achievers. Make sure you get our free story about Shakespeare this month.  You will soon be drawn into his world as he tells you his own inspiring story through the ‘BioView® experience’!


* Thank you Dr Charles. Your own ‘creativity’ has led you on a fascinating journey meeting the world’s most determined, courageous and creative individuals. Thank you for sharing those stories with us.

Best wishes from Janine Wakefield and the Team at Amazing People Worldwide –


How Managers Use CPS


How Managers Use CPS

By Dr Charles Margerison©

Psychologist, Amazing People Worldwide.

Henry Ford is renowned for changing the speed and quantity of car production, by introducing an assembly-line work simplification process. Steve Jobs is recognised for his development of computers that make the understanding and organization of business and personal information easier.

Five Key Skills

Ray Kroc           Walt Disney        Coco Chanel          Henry Ford

They did so, in cooperation with others, through communication and problem solving. Like all managers, they worked with teams to achieve a more effective way of working. But, what are the key skills involved that all managers and team leaders can use?

Following research on the work of over 500 amazing achievers, I have identified five key skills that all mangers and team leaders need in order to be successful. These cover the areas of communication and problem solving and are therefore called the Five Key CPS skills, and can be seen in the following model.

The CPS Diamond Model is now used widely by managers and team leaders to guide their work with individuals and groups. It provides a common language and process for all involved, in moving from problems to solutions via discussions and decisions.

‘click image to play video ‘

The five skills that all managers and team leaders can develop are – 

 Enquiry skills focus on the ability to establish important questions and to find relevant information.
• Diagnostic skills refer to the ability to interpret information to identify causes and consequences.
• Summarizing skills are very important in meetings to ensure people have a sound understanding of the issues.
• Proposing skill help move discussions forward in order to test options and work toward solutions.
• Coordinating skills are vital to ensure action is taken and followed through to gain effective solutions.

Some people are good at Enquiry but not as strong on Coordinating solutions. Another person may be good at coming up with Proposals on ideas, but may need to improve in the Diagnosis of problem areas.


Communication and Problem Solving (CPS) has been used in oil refineries by engineers, by airline pilots, by doctors and nurses and by accountants and other professionals. Some of the applications are –

• Conducting a meeting – a team leader improved the use of time by training his team in the five skills and getting them to use the points in their weekly meeting.
• Emergencies – airline pilots were trained in the five skills to ensure a systematic problem solving approach when problems occurred during flights.
• Client management – accountants use the CPS five skills when conducting problem solving meetings with clients.

The system has now been made available online at

For more information, please contact