What is Explore Imagineland?

What is Explore Imagineland? For kids predominantly aged 2 – 6 years, Explore Imagineland is an interactive web-based educational resource designed to inspire creativity, grow imaginations, and develop a lifelong love of music. Imagineland was written by Dr Charles Margerison, who decided to give life to a series of published stories that he had initially […]

Can Do Spirit

By Dr Charles Margerison Psychologist Our organization provides resources to help students and adults make the best of their lives. It all starts with what we call the ‘can do spirit.’ This is a language that can be learned. Amazing people have used it in science, music, exploration, engineering, business, art, medicine and many other […]

The ‘Can Do Spirit’ Self-Development Resource

The ‘Can Do Spirit’ Self-Development Resource By Dr Charles Margerison. Psychologist. Personal Development This questionnaire will give you feedback, as a basis for discussing your self-development plans. Research on the lives of amazing achievers shows they had a ‘can do spirit.’ That means they adopted positive ways of ‘thinking and doing’, in areas of their […]