Amazing People Music

Amazing People Worldwide is proud to present a series unique music education resources.  At the core of these productions are the life stories of amazing people who have made major contributions to our world, in many fields.  The importance of music in education is paramount and we recognize how learning through this medium encourages an easily accessible and highly engaging participation from students.  The ‘all-inclusive’ format fosters the raising of student aspirations, through inspirational story sharing, with fascinating lyrics and melodies.  Each scene and song supports cross-curricular learning, and provides teachers and students with a unique way to explore a multitude of topics and themes.

Amazing People Music Education Resources:-

  • Offer an engaging way for students to learn about the cultural differences, history, geographical exploration, and environmental issues.
  • Inspire drama and communication skills, with fascinating themes, and sing-along melodies.
  • Explore the lives of all the participants and heroes, portraying both the historic and the personal aspects of these monumental stories.
  • Short format scenes can be broken down to form separate class lessons or assembly presentations, or the productions can be performed as one major stage event.
  • Story and lyrics by Dr Charles Margerison, and music by Bignote Music Productions, QLD.
  • Guided music tracks, backing tracks, scripts and staging recommendations.  Plug and play.


Covering the incredible story of The American Revolution, this music education resource represents the historic events that took place between 1765 and 1789, that led to the formation of the great country known as the United States of America. ‘We The People’ are the famous three words, which commence the Constitution of the USA.  It reflects the principles of each person having the opportunity to vote for and influence the way that they are governed.


This educational music and drama resource reflects the amazing story of British colonial settlement in New South Wales, Australia.  On May 13th 1787, eleven boats, containing over 1400 people, set sail for Australia.  On January 26th 1788, they officially landed, at what became known as the city of Sydney.  Their story and how their arrival impacted the Aboriginal people, is told in this music resource ‘G’day Mate, G’day’ 


The single is now available on iTunes – click here

Our music education resources form part of the Amazing Schools program, which you can read more about here. To access these, please contact


To support and encourage the fostering of bilateral collaboration between the great nations of Australia and the United States, we are offering licensing opportunities for ‘G’day USA’. The lyrics are written by Jack Hughes, and music is composed by Bignote Productions, Gold Coast, Australia. This catchy and innovative melody, captures the spirit of ‘mateship’ and outlines the outstanding culture of multi-ethnicity, that is evident in both countries. This is available under license. Enquiries