Amazing Cities & Their Amazing People!!

“A city tour unlike any other……”

As you walk around the great cities of the world, you are traveling in the footsteps of amazing people. This new series from Amazing People Worldwide brings this connection to life, revealing unique insights on these cities from the perspectives of iconic greats, including Charles Dickens, Gustave Eiffel, George Washington, Michelangelo, and many more.

If you were walking through the streets of London in 1595, you may have met William Shakespeare. In our publication, Amazing People Of London, we have imagined what he would have said about the great city. Likewise, if you were visiting New York in 1789, you would have met the people who were key players in forming the United States of America. George Washington arrived in New York, the first capital of the USA, to be sworn in as the inaugural President. In our BioView on New York, you can gain an impression of what it was like to be there.

Every city has been home to great characters who, in their different ways, have contributed to its history. The Amazing Cities Series enables you to travel with these outstanding individuals, and appreciate their contributions. It is interesting, if you live in a city, to know why certain streets are named after a particular person. Also, if you are a tourist, it is useful to know about the people who made the city what it is today. This Amazing series provides such insight in an interesting and unique way.

A BioView is a creative outline of how William Shakespeare, or George Washington, for example, may have described their experiences. Each one gives a pen portrait of the city in which they lived, loved and worked, from their perspective. BioViews do not purport to be the actual words used by the great and famous people, but are an interpretation based on the known facts. City BioViews are part of The Amazing People Worldwide series. These Amazing People have been selected for their outstanding contributions, and include individuals, such as Michelangelo, Mozart, Leonardo, Einstein, Pankhurst and Nightingale.

In giving a ‘virtual interview’, they outline what they did and why. For travellers to these great cities, it is possible to gain a unique and personal view, through the eyes of those who lived there. The Amazing Cities Series provides valuable resources for students, and all involved in education. Also, tourists can use the publications to gain a rich, historical, and unique insight into the places as well as the people.


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