Albert Einstein predicted this many years ago!

Albert Einstein was certainly a genius! Even foreseeing that technology may overtake ‘common sense’.

Have a look below and you will be amazed at what technology can do! (Not always the best, is it!)

‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ and CLASS DISCUSSION IDEAS at the end of article.

The day that Albert Einstein feared is well and truly here……………

Lunch with Friends

Conversation with your BFF

Keeping an Eye on the Kids at the Beach

Romantic Dinner Date!

Sightseeing Trip

Quality Family Time

Fun Day in the Park

Treat Time for the Children   

Following in Mum’s Footsteps!

Day at the Beach

Cultural Learning at the Museum

Wouldn’t’t we all rather see this little one engrossed in a book?

What do you do about over-use of technology …. in the workplace, …. at school or home? 

We can all make a difference in any environment by: 

  • Setting sensible and fair boundaries- eg. use devices only during breaks, and no texting at meal times
  • At home, encourage other activities. Visit a ‘game’ store and discover the new board games that are available now!
  • Find ways to show your family that it’s not a ‘parent’ thing, but rather social behavior that has got out of hand

MEET THE MAN WHO SAID: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

Whilst we do not agree of course with every word Einstein said, it does provoke thoughts about how technology interferes with some social aspects of our lives. We need to embrace our relationships without mobile phones constantly interrupting!

For teachers and parents:


  • Once you have gone through this article, open up discussions about how we can help each other to be more responsible with the use of technology, but in particular, mobile phone use.
  • Ask them to be honest – what would they do if they had children of their own?
  • Have the class make suggestions on large posters and place around the room.


How can we as teachers and parents change the way the younger generation think and act? Not only about the about misuse of technology in their lives, but also about their ideals and future aims ?

How can we utilize the achievements and success of great individuals and allow them to become part of the culture change in schools and at home whilst raising aspirations?

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Created by Dr Charles Margerison. Dr Charles Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist and has consulted widely for major organizations in the fields of organizational and educational psychology. He was previously Professor of Management at Cranfield University, UK, and the University of Queensland, Australia. Dr Margerison founded Amazing People Worldwide in 2006 and is supported by a dedicated global team. He previously co-founded Emerald Insights, and Team Management Systems and has authored more than 30 books.