Amazing People Schools

Invite Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Michelangelo and others, into the classroom. Inspire pupils with their stories.

Character Education Through The Power Of Storytelling!

We put amazing stories into the hands of students. Amazing People like Marie Curie, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Mahatma Gandhi, demonstrated integrity, passion, courage, tenacity and vision. These are just some of the characteristics that inspire students to achieve amazing things.

Our interactive story world and resources have been developed to support cross-curricular learning, character education and inspire the amazing people of tomorrow.  Within our new Amazing People Schools site, you will find both Teacher and Student Zones, packed with engaging and unique resources! 

The Teacher Zone...

We have been sharing the stories of amazing people with schools around the world for many years. Our mission is to support students and teachers across our schools network, through storytelling and cross-curricular, inspirational learning resources.

All of the materials in this Teacher Zone have been developed by teachers for teachers. We have created resource sheets and supports that have been specifically designed to be flexible, so that they can be used in a range of different ways in schools, to cater for the needs of each and every school community.

The Student Zone...

The Student Zone is comprised of several 'story worlds'...

Science & Maths - from doing brilliant things with beans to being bonkers about bacteria, you'll find all sorts of inspiring stories from amazing scientists and mathematicians here.

Literary & Arts - one of the world's greatest artists was told to stop wasting his time doodling. Imagine if he'd listened! Another invented hundreds of words we still use today. Come and meet them, and others!

Citizenship & Humanitarianism - Confucius, Florence Nightingale and Mahatma Gahdhi - heard of these people? Want to know why they're so amazing and what they did to change our world? Read on!

History & Exploration - get your walking boots on. You're going on an adventure with the world's most amazing explorers. If they can do it, there's nothing stopping you!

Invention & Engineering - your brain is a non-stop whirling factory of ideas and imagination, just like the brains of Alan Turing, Walt Disney and Thomas Edison. It's what you do with it that counts.

Business & Politics - these people changed the world of business and politics, and helped shape ours. Any different to you? No! They just stuck with their beliefs. Here's why they're so amazing.

Music, Film & Drama - what's your favourite film, and song? We all have them. What makes some actors and musicians stand the test of time? Read their stories - we bet you've got what it takes, too.

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"The purpose of character education is for teachers to assist students to think proactively, so they use their time effectively, and act with sound judgement". Dr Charles J Margerison.