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By Dr Charles Margerison© Psychologist, Amazing People Worldwide. Henry Ford is renowned for changing the speed and quantity of car production, by introducing an assembly-line work simplification process. Steve Jobs is recognised for his development of computers that make the understanding and organization of business and personal information easier. Five Key Skills Ray Kroc Walt Disney Coco Chanel Henry Ford They did so, in cooperation with others, through communication and problem solving. Like all managers, they worked with teams to achieve a more effective way of working. But, what are...
Happy New Year from the team at APC! What has January got in store for you? Our January Newsletter welcomes you to 2015 and to a year that we hope will bring you the success you have been working toward. Good luck and remember, find your inspiration from Amazing People from around the world!
Gov. Arthur Phillip
Governor Arthur Phillip was the founding Governor of the Colony of New South Wales, Australia. He ruled the new colony with passion and the determination to succeed. Gov. Arthur Phillip showed how leadership, even when under the most dire situations, can endure and encourage others. There were many hardships to overcome and today, Governor Arthur Phillip is remembered for these leadership qualities. His FREE eBook and Audio is available to download now.
Elizabeth Arden
This month, you have the opportunity to learn from one of the iconic women in business, Elizabeth Arden . Her FREE eBook and Audio personifies the value of dedication and hard work. Your career goals are enriched by the amazing stories of those who made the most of their own opportunities. We can learn a lot from the achievements of amazing people; not only in the areas for which they are acclaimed, but in the way they lived their lives.