Amazing People Worldwide is the home of the world’s largest collection of inspirational life stories, articles, news about amazing people. We inspire people to discover their purpose and reach their full potential.

Our online educational resources provide a learning hub from the early years through to the secondary years and beyond. We support important social causes to improve the quality of life in regard to education, health, well-being, self development and community relations.

Amazing People Worldwide was founded in 2006, by Dr Charles Margersion.
He is a psychologist, a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Literature Society, publisher, author, entrepreneur and educator.

Dr Charles has also initiated successful educational and award-winning, online learning platforms.

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How can students and adults make the best of their time and achieve what they wish to do?

This is the question we have focussed upon when developing the resources and content for Amazing People Worldwide. We are international leaders in helping educational organizations, libraries, museums and corporates to present engaging ideas based on the lives of amazing people.



Award-winning online learning resources created for the Early Years through to the Secondary school years.



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